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When it comes time to buy new brake pads or engine components for your F-150, Escape, or Explorer, you’ll want to turn to genuine Ford parts. OEM Ford parts are superior to their aftermarket competitors in terms of their quality and durability. Here at Brewster Ford, we have a broad selection of Ford parts and accessories on hand to meet your needs. You can contact us to learn more.

Why Should You Order Genuine Ford Parts?

Genuine or OEM Ford parts are auto parts made to the exact specifications given by Ford. This requirement helps the parts you buy for a routine maintenance job or a larger auto repair to perform just as well as the original parts put into your vehicle by the manufacturer when it was built.

By contrast, third-party companies produce aftermarket parts for use in a wide range of vehicles. Their specifications may not precisely meet those required by your Bronco Sport or Explorer, resulting in you making adjustments to them or accepting a less-than-perfect fit.

If you consider the diversity of Ford’s SUV and truck lineup, you’ll quickly understand why it’s crucial to purchase parts designed for your specific vehicle. The F-150 has remained such a popular truck for decades because it’s the best at what it does: hauling heavy loads and providing unbeatable engine power. But it can only reach this high performance, thanks to the tailor-made components and parts Ford puts into each F-150 truck it builds.

Likewise, the popular Escape and Explorer SUVs are perfect vehicles for families who enjoy a combination of city driving and outdoor adventure. To keep enjoying the benefits of your Ford crossover for years to come, choosing genuine parts for your repair work will produce the best results.

A further reason to purchase genuine Ford parts is their durability. You may have given a lot of thought to buying aftermarket parts because you’ve seen that they have a lower price tag. However, this approach won’t necessarily save you money in the longer term.

Aftermarket parts don’t always live up to the same standards as their genuine counterparts. As a result, you may find yourself forced to replace those brake pads or tires sooner than you’d expected. In the worst-case scenario, you may even find that a poorly designed aftermarket part can cause damage to your Ford, requiring more expensive repairs to put it right.

Using genuine Ford parts to carry out general maintenance or repairs is also the best way to protect your vehicle’s warranty. Ford gives most of its new vehicles a three-year general warranty and a five-year warranty for the powertrain. These protection plans mean that if any manufacturing issues or defective components cause problems, the repair costs can be covered by the warranty. However, your warranty may no longer apply if you install aftermarket parts in your vehicle in place of the OEM parts recommended by Ford.

How To Order Ford Parts

Thanks to our well-stocked parts center at our New York dealership, you may not have to order your parts if you shop with us. If we don’t have the component you require, we’ll be happy to order it for you. We have a well-established relationship with Ford, so it’s easy for us to ensure rapid delivery of the OEM parts you require from Ford or one of its certified suppliers.

You don’t have to come to our dealership to place your parts order. Our easy-to-use online order form allows you to specify what you require from the comfort of your own home. One of our Ford experts in the parts center will handle your order in a timely manner. You can even have the parts delivered straight to your door if you plan on doing your own car maintenance.

Ford Parts Specials Near Brewster, NY

Before you place your genuine Ford parts order at Brewster Ford, don’t forget to check out our service and parts specials. These are price offers and bonus coupons we offer for our loyal customers to help them get the best deal for brake parts, tires, engine oil, and other components.

Our parts specials vary regularly, so remember to check our specials page often. You may find significant savings on the auto part you’re looking for.

Schedule Your Next Ford Service Appointment in Brewster

Once you’ve ordered the parts you need for your Ford truck or SUV, why not schedule a service appointment at our Ford service center to let the professionals take care of the work for you? Our team of Ford-certified mechanics can handle everything from routine maintenance checkups to more comprehensive repair jobs. The work we perform is sure to meet the standards of quality and reliability that you’d expect from your Ford vehicle.

Our service team works closely with our parts department to ensure that each component we put into your vehicle meets the highest standards. Thanks to our extensive inventory of genuine Ford parts, we can usually manage most requests for parts straight away. Even if one of our auto technicians needs to have something ordered by our parts team to complete the job, our strong connections with Ford and its suppliers mean that you won’t have to wait long for the part to arrive.

As part of each service appointment, one of our mechanics can perform a multi-point inspection of your vehicle. This process gives them the opportunity to check that everything is in good working order and identify any potential problems before they get serious. Our auto technicians will also be happy to provide you with a breakdown of the costs for parts and labor for your visit.

If you have any questions about genuine Ford parts, our parts center, or our Ford service center, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Ford experts can also provide you with advice on vehicle accessories and how to install them. You can reach out to us by phone or online with your questions, or drop by our Brewster dealership to chat with a member of our team.