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Ford Auto Parts in Brewster, NY

At Brewster Ford, we're dedicated to delivering high-quality service to you at every step of the car ownership process. That means delivering genuine OEM parts to our customers whether they're planning a DIY home auto project, need repairs at our dealership, or want to improve their car with new accessories.

Whether considering maintenance, repairs or accessorizing your vehicle, you can ensure you're getting the right product at a fair price.

As reliable as Ford vehicles are, your car might be in need of a new part. You can keep your car running smoothly and looking great by replacing worn or faulty components. Plus, this routine maintenance protects your investment by ensuring your vehicle lasts as long as it should. While you can get Ford vehicle parts from various sources, look no further than Brewster Ford's Parts Center. Ordering has never been easier thanks to our online form, and our representatives are ready to match you with reliable parts compatible with your vehicle.

Use Our Simple Order Form

When ready to order reliable parts for your vehicle, use our simple online order form. The first section asks for your name, phone number, email address, and preferred contact method. You'll also indicate your vehicle's year, make, model, and trim and whether it has an automatic or manual transmission. This information ensures that our representatives order the part compatible with your vehicle. Parts like car batteries are especially specific to your vehicle, but it's important to get compatible parts ranging from tires to AC compressors.

The last part of our online order form asks for the name of the part you need and its identification number. You may also include a description of the part, as details can help our representatives better assist you. For instance, you might indicate your budget or ask for recommendations based on your car's issue.

If you'd like us to install the part for you, check the box next to "I would like installation with this part." After requesting any additional parts, you may need, click "Submit." Most customers receive a no-obligation quote within 24 to 48 hours, though the representative may need to collect additional information to provide a more accurate estimate.

Find Various Parts for Your Vehicle

Lots of situations can lead you to start part hunting. Many drivers order alternators, batteries, belts, and radiators to take care of everything under the hood. These repairs are often essential to replace worn or faulty parts, but upgrades can also help prevent issues from occurring. Some drivers depend on new parts to fix damage from an accident, make their rides more comfortable, or even approve the aesthetic appearance of their vehicle. Regardless of your situation, adding new parts to your vehicle can help you get more years out of it and even increase its resale value.

Rely on OEM Parts

You might stumble across listings for aftermarket parts when trying to find the best deal for car parts. The term "aftermarket" refers to a third-party manufacturer producing car parts meant to replace original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. At first glance, an aftermarket part might seem like an attractive option. They're often cheaper than OEM parts and may be more readily available. However, if you want what's best for your vehicle, you should order an OEM part.

Ford OEM parts are designed specifically for Ford vehicles, meaning you don't have to worry about compatibility issues. They're super high quality and have a two-year and unlimited mileage warranty. Additionally, Ford OEM parts preserve your vehicle's warranty, while aftermarket parts may void coverage altogether. In short, OEM parts from Brewster Ford give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Do It Yourself or Hire Installation Services

If you're a fan of do-it-yourself repairs, make the process more enjoyable by ordering parts from Brewster Ford. We champion DIYers by providing them with the necessary parts to keep their vehicles running smoothly. With our reliable OEM parts, you can rest knowing that the components will be compatible with your vehicle.

While we often provide parts to DIYers, we know many of our customers are far from car enthusiasts. If you're in this camp, you'll appreciate that Brewster Ford offers expert installation services. We can help you order the correct parts and arrange for our professional mechanics to manage the installation process. We'll set up an appointment convenient for you and complete the repair as efficiently as possible.

Take Advantage of FordPass Rewards

Our OEM parts are already as affordable as they get, but you can save even more by taking advantage of FordPass Rewards. You can get points for Parts Center purchases through the program's Visa card and mobile app. The points you earn from buying tires, rims, bed covers, and more make you eligible for significant discounts at Brewster Ford. You'll also get points for other expenses like dealership purchases, monthly auto insurance payments, tolls, parking, and maintenance services.

Check Out Our Parts Specials

We make our parts even more affordable with various specials. Brewster Ford is proud to offer these deals that make essential car parts affordable to all drivers. Be sure to check out the specials page regularly to ensure you don't miss any great deals. You can print coupons to present in person or contact a representative to learn more about our exclusive savings on this page.

Contact a Representative

We know that your search for the right car part can be intimidating, but our representatives are here to help. Feel free to give us a call at 845-205-7067 or fill out our contact form. A knowledgeable representative can collect information about your vehicle's problem and help you determine which parts are suitable for your car. They'll even help you with ordering and provide the correct part number to expedite the process. With our help, you'll have the parts you need as soon as possible.

Visit Our Parts Center

While you can talk to a representative over the phone and order parts online, you're more than welcome to visit our Parts Center in person. Talk with an expert representative face-to-face or bring your vehicle for a scheduled appointment.

You can also view our in-person inventory, which is especially helpful when you want to buy car mats—seeing and handling these accessories up close before purchasing can assure you that they're the right fit for your vehicle. For the convenience of our customers, the Brewster Ford Parts Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

In short, car parts aren't something you should skimp on. You deserve to order from a reliable selection of OEM parts with a two-year limited warranty. Contact a representative today if you're ready to order parts or schedule installation services. We're eager to help you restore your car to its former glory days.

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